Change, Transformation, & Digitalization in a VUCA World (VUCA = Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)

The world is changing ...

... are you?


  • Get the best in innovative thinking 
  • Reimagine your management habits
  • Adapt and thrive in the new future of work


Do you have the competencies to lead effectively ... no matter what?

Join thousands of managers just like YOU and start getting results right away!


This Summit is designed for people managers.

If you lead employees, this is for you!

This is the Summit's promise for you: 

  • After watching any of these 30+ experts (most sessions last 30 minutes), you will learn at least one practical, results-oriented leadership tool that can apply back on the job, right away! 

Unleash the full potential of your employees.

Achieve exceptional team performance!

You Will Learn Leadership Tools About:

Team Leadership & People Management

—for sustainable high performance teamwork

Coaching & Mentoring

—guide, empower, and inspire your direct reports


—build trust and a positive team environment

Problem Solving & Decision Making

—make the most strategic team decisions consistently 

Effective Presentations

—become a master speaker on-site & on-line

Emotional Intelligence

—your behavior is your team’s culture main ingredient

Engagement & Commitment

—keep your direct reports intrinsically motivated

Performance Management

—optimize individual performance

Team Conflict

—turn it into a positive force for change 

Interviewing Techniques

—always hire the best of the right candidates 

Managing Up

—make the best out of your relationship with your boss

And so much more ...

—leading in crisis, innovation, remote leadership, etc. 

Difficult Direct Reports

Plus a special bonus for claiming your free ticket, you will get a New Playbook:


"The Top 10 Employee Motivation Strategies of 2021"

How'd You Like To Access 30+ World-Class Leadership Masterclasses?

Discover how to ... 

  • Engage your employees with their work
  • Increase their loyalty to commit them to you
  • Measurably increase their performance 
  • Build a cohesive team of supercharged direct reports
  • Measurably increase the performance of the team you lead
  • And increase your own performance! 

Why Should I Sign Up For Manager World Summit? 

Curated speakers & actionable content

Leadership strategies explained by top management experts 

Achieve your professional development goals

You have plenty of learning opportunities during/after the event

World class quality content hand-picked for you

This is practical content, so that you can get results fast

Your journey to exceptional team performance could go one of two ways:

Easy & Fast

You could sign up for Manager World Summit today and get real insights, step-by-step guidance to unleash the full potential of your direct reports, and achieve exceptional team performance

Long and Difficult

Or you could spend thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to implement outdated leadership strategies that aren't that effective anymore; or worse ... that don't work at all

If you are looking for the top leadership strategies that are working right now, then you are right at home.

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José Luis Romero

I've been doing corporate leadership development for 16+ years, I've personally trained & coached thousands of managers in Fortune 500 companies, and I've worked in the field of organizational behavior for 30 years.

My MISSION is to enable leaders to build sustainable high performance, within the teams they lead.

And my VISION is to democratize organizational high performance.

If you are ready to put in the work, I'm here to show you the way.


Access 30+ World-Class Leadership Masterclasses!

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